What is “me time” for you?



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Since having my boy what actually counts as ‘me’ time nowadays has changed somewhat to say the least. I’m hoping this will make you smile and thought I’d share with you what some of the things are that now count as my ‘ME’ time:

  • Finishing a hot cuppa (not having to reheat it in the microwave is a real bonus)
  • Having a shower in peace
  • Shaving my legs/armpits
  • Going to the loo in peace
  • Washing my hair and actually drying it properly (I don’t push the boat out and actually style it anymore but that is going to change this year)
  • Driving with music on in the car
  • Going around the supermarket on my own just to have a browse
  • Cleaning the toilet
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Actually cleaning in general but getting to do it properly. My boy loves to ‘help’ you see
  • Pottering – I love pottering around the house
  • Sorting and tidying my boy’s toys (I’m a neat freek, like things tidy and enjoy sorting things out)
  • Paint my nails and get to add a top coat
  • Finish a magazine
  • Sort my wardrobe out and get it in some kind of order (very therapeutic isn’t it?)
  • Finish my meal whilst it’s still fully hot
  • Just a couple of seconds when I first wake up to actually feel awake before my boy then proceeds to jump on me and drag me out of bed to “play mummy, play”
  • Time to sort out the clean washing and actually put it away properly is just bliss

How times have changed hey. I wouldn’t swap it for the world though!

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