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Hello and welcome to another exploration of the of the Tots100 list. With almost 5,000 UK Mum and Dad blogs on our books, it can be hard to find blogs that you really connect with. So each fortnight, our Fresh Five feature introduces you to more brilliant blogs.

All these blogs are excellent and highly deserving of a read!

The Adventures of a Middle Aged Matron is a well written, funny account of life as a Vicar’s wife with two school aged children.  I’m in firm agreement with her idle parenting ethos (shove them in the garden and let them get on with it) and share her horror when the lay reader suggests that her underwear is not up to scratch.   She also wrote a hilarious send up of the Christmas Round Robin Letter, which had me snorting with laughter.

A Real Family in Search of a Real Holiday is a fab idea, a travel blog that searches out and tests the best family holidays that Britain has to offer.  The sort of holidays we fondly imagine we had in childhood, even if the reality was actually not quite so rose tinted.  There are fab, child friendly cottages in hidden valleys, gypsy caravans and brilliant campsites where fires are positively encouraged.  I shall be having a very good read before I book our next trip.

Bluebird Sunshineis a lovely record of family life with pretty photos and yummy recipes – the kind of blog that lots of us would like to write.  Her New Year’s Resolution post contained a quote from the estimable Ferris Bueller “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Cabbage Dan is written by a Dad from Yorkshire and covers topics as diverse as chickens, Batman and exercise.  But what really sells it to me is his ‘About’ section: “The time has come” the walrus said “To talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax. Of cabbages and kings”.  Definitely worth an explore.

Curtains for the Window is a pretty blog about crafting, books, covetable stuff and surviving life. She likes sausage dogs, blankets and charity shopping, all hobbies I can relate to, which bodes well for any blog. I particularly enjoy her feature called Doodlers’ Corner, where she interviews illustrators, artists, photographers and makers of lovely things about their work and working life.

Victoria is a confirmed Londoner, with a love of travelling to far-flung places. When not writing and hanging out on twitter, she is a silversmith. She is also useful in a pub quiz and adept at pulling leeches off small people.

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