Photo Friday: New Beginnings




It’s here.

The sweet wrappers are piled in the tin. The decorations have started to come down. Small people have attacked our gingerbread houses, and we’ve pulled all our Christmas presents out of the boxes. It’s been a lovely Christmas and New Year. There have been the usual family arguments, mountains of leftover food and the dads asleep in sofa corners. Now it’s that time when we all started to look forward again. What does this new year have in store for us all?

In our Tots100 community people have been setting their New Years Resolutions and bringing the new year in with style. We’ve seen sneak peeks on the Tumblr of what you’ve been out and about doing. Maybe some of your resolutions are photography based. Is your aim to take more pictures of your family? If so, we’d love to see them. Don’t forget to get involved in our Tumblr and Photo Friday Fun.

Happy New Year to You All.



The 7 Day countdown until next photo Friday is upon us.

We’d love to see your photography featured on our Photo Friday. To be included in our Tumblr, all you need to do is leave your Instagram user ID in the comments on this post (you can follow us @tots100index)

Don’t have Instagram? No problem – you can share pictures with us on Twitter, by using the #TotsTumblr hashtag on your Tweet.


Photographs From: But Why Mummy Why, Chelsea Mamma, Victoria Wallop, Me the Man and the Baby, The Crazy Kitchen, I Heart Motherhood, Ar-Blog

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