What are your New Year resolutions?


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Hands up if you ate too much, drank too much, watched too much TV and did too little exercise over Christmas…

We thought so.

It’s not surprising January is the time to make resolutions – after two weeks of holidays, most of us are feeling a bit sloth-like and are full of good intentions to eat healthily, drink less, and be more active.

But what else are we wishing for ourselves in 2013?

We asked some of our favourite Tots100 parent bloggers to tell us about their New Year resolutions – in life and in blogging – and we’d love to hear yours.

Have you written about your hopes for 2013? Why not share a link to your post on our New Year Linky, and we can pop over for a bit of New Year inspiration?

In the meantime, check out what these bloggers are wishing for in 2013:

Claire: My first resolution is to get myself and the mini Evans-Crittens all outside more whatever the weather; we’ve been inside for most of Christmas and I’m craving fresh air! Blogging-wise, I resolve to come clean about my ‘secret blogging habit’ to friends and family, and set up a Facebook page for my blog.

Kellie: Every day is a fresh start and the chance for new beginnings and opportunities for both me and my blog!

Jen: Mine is to do one thing and do it well. Live everyday and make the most of what we have. Blog-wise,  I resolve to have fun and stop listening to people telling me how to blog!

Becky: Generally, I resolve to make the impossible, possible. And to run further than ever before, and be more optimistic. Blogging, I want to spend more time on my craft blog Think Craft Cook, and to continue capturing life through photography on Ar-Blog.

Lindy: My general resolution is to be kind.  I know it’s hokey but the older I get the more I believe you get what you send out. So I don’t want to wish to be rich (ain’t gonna happen) or thinner (against your rules!) or have more stuff ( I have enough) I want to be kinder to people and hopefully that will ripple out and back. Blog-wise, I want to pick up my camera a bit more and pay attention to what is around me and document that on my blog.

Sara: This year in general it’s about being organised and happier in my home, without blowing the bank to make it happen;  I’m trying to appreciate what I already have instead of constantly thinking that I need something more than what I already have.  Blogwise, I’m carving out a regular time to blog instead of taking it when I can like some opportunist time-thief.

Lexy: My resolution is to live in the moment. (stop worrying about the future cos generally the future is always now, and one way or another is always ok!) enjoy the now! the world didn’t end. A lifetime dreading that date and all that money wasted on beans!!!  And to stop walking in to walls. And blogging? To try and post at least one a week and use less brackets! (it’s unnecessary)

Kelly: My resolution is to put myself first. I ended the New Year in pretty bad shape emotionally and physically. I need to concentrate more on me – selfish and counter-intuitive as it might seem – for the benefit of my whole family. Blogging-wise, I’d like world domination, although regular paid employment would help justify the time I spend on my blog to my husband.

Sally: This year I want to carve out some more me time, and get a bit more life in my work/life balance. I’ve hired a cleaner, which I think is an important first step. Blogging wise, I would love to have more time to read more blogs. I’ve started a new Google Reader account from scratch and am adding in new blogs to follow for 2013. Recommendations welcome – just Tweet me!


New Year’s Resolutions can be a recipe for failure, but they can also be an important way of reminding ourselves what we wish for; what we really think is important for our happiness. So we’d LOVE to know your wishes for 2013.

If you’ve written a post about your hopes for this year, we’d love you to add a link below, so we can pop over and be inspired by your ideas.

Happy New Year! 


Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, BlogSummit and the MAD Blog Awards. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 8 year old daughter, Flea.

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  1. After feeding 7 of us on Christmas Day including all 4 of our children, feeding them all again plus other relatives on Boxing Day and cooking and preparing various snacks, teas, nibbles etc.,…
    I have come to the conclusion that although I love having my older children back at home for the festive season, I’m starting to look forward to the time when I get invited to their homes, to eat their food, munch through their chocolates, slump on their sofas, drink their booze and leave the washing up. Sounds good to me and I’m sure those days are not so very far away.
    May 2013 bring health, wealth and much happiness to everyone and some ‘me’ time and more appreciation to us busy, hard working Moms.

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  3. I’ve just read Tina’s comment above. We have three daughters and are already looking forward to going to their houses when they are older, I told our 5 and 7 year old that we plan to:
    drop food on the floor
    leave underwear where ever we like
    Sometimes just get down from the table
    Pick through food if we feel like it
    It’s a long way away, but the idea makes us smile and stops the daughters in their messy tracks

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