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Just in time for Christmas, we’ve got three £50 vouchers for M&S or John Lewis to give away to Tots100 bloggers who took part in our recent Twitter party with Flora.

We asked bloggers to tell us about their family recipes, or tweaks on well-known favourite meals and dishes – and you all did brilliantly, with around 200 bloggers joining in and sharing tips on all sorts of recipes. Here are some of our favourite Tweets (and read on to discover who our lucky voucher winners are)

@vwallop: Make any chocolate cake with dark muscavado sugar instead of plain caster and you get a delicious fudgy cake

@HelpfulMum: Chicken goujons are easy and cheap. Use fajhita mix with breadcrumbs for added spice

@swhittle: we always par-boil potatoes and dust with semolina before roasting, for extra crunch!

@khloeee: Chop chilli/ginger/herbs & freeze in icecube trays so u can buy fresh ingredients in bulk & avoid waste/spoiling

@frugalfamily: Freeze leftover wine (yeah right) in ice cube trays to use in cooking

@FabFood4All: Regularly use my fan oven without the heat on (just fan) to thaw food eg prawns 20 mins, slices of bread few mins

@ThinkCraftCook: Put chopped fruit in a bowl and let everyone use long wooden skewers to eat it. Really fun!

@joannah123:  my mum always dropped a whole egg in, made lovely creamy mash

@armstrongl: ultimate roast chicken cook with bird upside down turning back for the last 1/2 hr = extra juicy meat

@Made_with_pink: Apple slices dipped in American style pancake batter & cooked in a nonstick pan = apple pancakes

@RedRoseMummy: Add wholegrain mustard to cheese sauce, gives great extra flavour.

@petitmew: To help make a nice crispy jacket potato spray some oil over the jacket potato.

@Jessies_Kitchen:  stick a can of lager up a chickens bum & place upright on a bbq…steams it nicely!

@romanianmum: I always add warm milk for the perfect mash potato rather than cold. Makes it softer.

@soosieboo:  cooked pizza base spread with choc spread and dotted with marshmallows. Heat until mallows melt a little.

@rubyandginger: I use fish pie mix and some prawns to make a seafood lasagne

@Melaina25: Easy Alfredo: warm butter & cream, stir in Parmesan, salt & pepper. That is LITERALLY it! Yum

@wendymcd83: Use natural yogurt, mixed herbs and egg mix to top pasta bake before putting in oven. Lower fat than bechamel

@emmuk74: speaking of Marmite – our spaghetti Bolognese has a spoonful in and a tin of baked beans

@happyfox: Mix left over bread with a tin of salmon, spring onions, thai seasoning & beaten egg for tasty fishcakes

@mummyratesit: Prunes dipped in choc and then cooled. You get munch, chrunch and chew but not so many calories…

@ljbarton: a tea spoon of coffee in a rich desserts takes the edge off so you can eat more 😉

@supersecretfood: Make a simple purée (carrot, parsnip, courgette etc) add a spoonful to pancake mix, cupcakes&smoothies to health up kids food

@BeckyArblog: Dessert in a Mug. Crumbled shortbread, melted chocolate, cherries & vanilla ice cream layered- Epic.

@soosieboo: left over tortilla wraps? Dry fry until crisp (or cut in half & pop in toaster). Serve with soup or curry.


Thanks to everyone who took part and shared their recipe ideas, and congratulations to our three winning Tweeters:




Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, BlogSummit and the MAD Blog Awards. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 8 year old daughter, Flea.

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