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A lot of what makes Christmas special is the time that we spend together as a family and we seem to have lots of family Christmas traditions that we do together and without them, Christmas wouldn’t really feel like Christmas.

A lot of our traditions have come from mine or Mr Frugal’s childhood and we’ve carried them on with our children because of the memories they gave us when we were young. But we’ve also introduced a lot of our own traditions, some of which are only possible now because of the internet.

I thought I’d share our favourite three websites with you:

NORAD Tracks Santa

We love tracking Santa on Christmas Eve and always have the computer in the kitchen set to this site from when he sets off from the North Pole around lunchtime until he gets close to the UK at bedtime. We don’t sit in front of it glued to the screen or anything but we do regularly check in on his progress to see where he is in the world. The site also has some great games and activities to do together in the run up to Christmas and never fails to get my two excited.

Portable North Pole

This website is AMAZING – it takes you two or three minutes to input your childs details and preferences and upload a photo and then they get a personalised video from Santa. It’s such a great idea and it’s free which makes it even better! (I just wanted to say that I’m sure I’ve seen paid for posts for this site on some other blogs this year but this isn’t one of them – i just love the site)


This site isn’t as much fun as it used to be but it’s still worth a look. Basically, you upload photos of your family and Jib Jab takes the heads and makes you all into elves (or other Christmas things) and makes a little video out of it. It used to be a free service but now they charge a yearly subscription of $12 so you can only get as far as previewing the video for free but even this is still fun – you just can’t download it or send it to people. We did one before and I downloaded it (before they started charging) and it makes us laugh every time we watch it!

I’d love to hear about your favourite websites….

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