Photo Friday: Good Food



Christmas is the season of many things. Hope, Joy, Santa, Presents, Family and Food. Most definitely it is the season of good food.

It’s the season where we indulge ourselves a little. We build up a small stash of shiny sweet wrappers and empty peanut packets. Why? Because it’s Christmas. There is nothing better than a good after dinner mint to follow the most beautiful, moist turkey of the year. There are Christmas Puddings and cakes coated with marzipan. Prawn Cocktails and steaming soups. When you start really thinking about it your mouth starts to water.

Then there are the family arguments. Sprouts or no sprouts? Christmas Pudding or Cake? Turkey or Goose? It’s enough to cause a small war.

Over on the Tumblr this week there have been some amazing samples of Christmas goodies appearing. From home cooked baking to coffee shop hot chocolates, it’s what makes this season so special.

What are your family favourites that make this season special for you? Maybe you’ll spot a familiar favourite in our Photo Friday snaps below.



The 7 Day countdown until next photo Friday is upon us.

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Thank you for our Photographs from: The Boy & MeViolet PosyActually MummyMummy LimitedDomestic GoddesqueBoothsVeggie ExperienceEm Leary

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