Giving Baby Clothes a new Lease of Life


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A few weeks ago I nervously parcelled up my precious baby clothes and sent them away.  I wondered for ages if I had done the right thing and what the result would be.  I eagerly watched Facebook, checking for their safe arrival and updates on their progress.  Today they came back, totally transformed and I have fallen in love with them in a whole new way.

I came across Vinny Loves Violet Handmade Keepsake Bears and other Handmade Treats through a friends status and needless to say I was intrigued, so I took a look.  I was in awe.  I loved everything and wanted it all.  The bears and rabbits are so cute, and the cushions looked amazing.  What took me more by surprise was how reasonable the costs were.  

Upstairs in the attic I have cases and boxes of baby clothes just sat waiting, just in case.  The girls first outfits are in each respective memory box but the attic contains all their other clothes.  I’m trying to de clutter a little at the moment, but in no way wanted to ‘throw out’ the girls’ clothes, I’m just not ready for that yet.  Needing the space though Vinny Loves Violet seemed like a perfect solution.  So off I went into the attic and picked out 24 items of clothing to send.  

I wrote a letter of how I wanted the cushions to look and asked for any pieces of material to be put inside the cushion.  I got a confirmation email to say the clothes had arrived safely and then I sat and waited to hear when they would be complete.  Pictures appeared on Facebook and I was in love, they were so beautiful.  

cushion covers made from old baby clothes

The cushions arrived today, a present for one lucky person and a gift for each girl.  The girls’ clothes have taken on a new lease of life.  I can touch, smell and look at each item of clothing, yet 24 items have been transformed into 3 beautiful cushions that will be with the girls for a life time. 

I am so glad I came across Vinny Loves Violet, an amazing company, the ladies are lovely and they really do create a beautiful keepsake, thank you.

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  1. These look lovely. I’m not very sentimental (and very short on space) so, aside from a few favourites, I pass on baby clothes to friends & charity shops pretty quickly. Perhaps I’ve been a bit hasty – might have to have a rummage and see if I have enough left for a first birthday bear!!