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Hello and welcome to another meander through the myriad corridors of the Tots100 list. With almost 5,000 UK Mum and Dad blogs on our books, it can be hard to find blogs that you really connect with. So our fortnightly Fresh Five feature is designed to introduce to you brilliant blogs you might not have heard of, or read before.

This time around, I have found five lesser-known UK parent blogs, which are all excellent and highly deserving of a read. Go ahead and explore our recommendations – you won’t be sorry!

Belgian Waffling writes the kind of funny, rambly, intelligent posts that I would like to write.  I can’t wait to hear more about her son’s nativity, which involves a dead Verdi, fleeing Pompeii and an anvil.  She regularly makes me laugh out loud in a genuine snorting kind of way, not a fake LOL kind of way, but her posts are also sad, awkward, honest and beautifully written.

Fish Fingers for Tea is a yummy food blog with a great name, fab photography and delicious recipes.  I always think it’s a good sign if you read a blog and want to cook every single thing in it.  And she’s got a recipe for giant chocolate jazzies, my kind of cooking!

I am a HUGE fan of ranting, so imagine how happy I was to come across Pint Sized Rants.  In it, our French–resident author rants about subjects as diverse as leaf litter, giving birth and feminism.  I like a good political, big issue rant, but I also like a first world problem, trivial gardening rant.

Polythene Pram is a blog about becoming an author, working with teenagers and a brilliantly funny Dad who doesn’t like Christmas, talks about Jane Fonda’s sex life and finds Dale Winton attractive.

Mummy Limited’s parenting posts regularly have me nodding vigorously in agreement; she is calm, sensible and loves Playmobil.  She has artfully arranged kitchen shelves, runs half marathons, creates gorgeous crochet with apparent ease and loves coffee.  Basically I want to be her.  I particularly love her semi-regular Listening Pleasure posts, which recommend thought provoking, interesting and funny programmes on Radio 4; these posts are solely responsible for my radio addiction.

I hope these splendid blogs give you plenty of reading fodder. Come back in two weeks time for more freshly picked Tots 100 blogs!

Victoria is a confirmed Londoner, with a love of travelling to far-flung places. When not writing and hanging out on twitter, she is a silversmith. She is also useful in a pub quiz and adept at pulling leeches off small people.

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