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Skylanders Giants, the sequel to the hugely successful Skylanders Spyros Adventure, is at the top of many Christmas wish lists this year.

If you’ve not seen the game before, Skylanders is a video game and range of toys in one.

To play, you’ll need a games console (PS3, Wii or X-Box) and the Skylanders game, which comes with a ‘portal of power’ platform that plugs into your games console. Children place a Skylanders action figure on top of the portal and – hey presto – that character appears in the video game!

What makes Skylanders really smart is that kids can take their action figures to friends’ houses and use them on other Skylander portals – even if the friend uses another games console! Clever, eh? The Skylanders range is recommended for ages 6+.

Here at Tots100, we’re looking for 12 children (and their Mums and Dads) to join Team Skylanders and review the latest game, along with a selection of Skylanders toys and accessories over the coming months.

Fancy taking the Team Skylanders Challenge?

We’re challenging you and your children to get creative and come up with your own, original Skylanders character.

You can draw, build, craft or model your character using whatever materials you like. Once your character is finished, just share a picture of your character with us on Twitter using the #TeamSkylanders hashtag. You might want to upload a photo, or link to a blog post, Facebook post or Pinterest image – it’s entirely up to you, but please be sure only to enter your own pictures, of your own creation.

We’re looking for really creative, exciting characters with special powers and features to set them apart from the crowd. If you need some inspiration, why not check out the brand new range of Skylanders Giants characters?

When the competition closes, our judges will select their favourite pictures and invite their creators to join Team Skylanders. We’re looking for entries that are creative, fit in with the Skylanders Universe, and look like they’d be lots of fun to play!

As a member of the Team Skylanders family, you will receive a copy of the brand new Skylanders Giants game, just in time for Christmas, and the fun doesn’t stop there. Over the next few months, you’ll be among the first to try out a selection of new Skylanders toys and games, and write about them on your blog!  If your child has their own blog, we’d love them to write about Skylanders there – otherwise we’ll be inviting the kids to take over Mum or Dad’s blog to tell us all about Skylanders Giants!


How to Enter

You have just two weeks to create your brand new Skylanders character and share the results with us. The rules of our competition are very simple:

  • Create your Skylanders character by drawing, building or modelling, then take a photo.
  • Tweet your photo to @tots100 using the #TeamSkylanders hashtag before 5pm on 17/12/2012
  • Once you have shared your photo, please leave a comment on THIS post and tell us:
  • Your Twitter ID, your child’s name or initial and their age, and your preferred Skylanders platform e.g. X-Box or Wii.


Please read our full terms and conditions before entering.

Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, BlogSummit and the MAD Blog Awards. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 8 year old daughter, Flea.

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  1. My son has already drawn his own Skylanders a while back so you can imagine his excitement at this competition. We will be back! x

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  3. Jeannette Cripps

    Just tweeting you our entry.
    My twitter Id is @autismmumma.
    T (boy) – 10 years
    D (girl) 8.5 years
    We’d love to trial the game on PS3 platform please.

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  5. Sorry, i forgot to put the kids ages.
    Twitter @myblog13

    M aged 12
    S aged 9
    A aged 7

    Playstation 3 platform please.

  6. Just uploaded our picture on to twitter. Wee Z (aged 5 yrs 7 months) went with a skylander who could teach the other skylanders numbers and letters (as Z is obsessed with letters and numbers) and can be camoflague so they don’t know they are learning whilst they play. He also rides a motorbike!

    I’m @LauraCYMFT and we have the Xbox360.

  7. I’m entering on behalf of Missing Sleep…
    E is five, with his entry Squeeze @missingsleep, and has a wii

  8. Just tweeted with Jacob’s photo – all his own work (as you can tell by the spelling) – he even made it out of playdoh to show what it should look like!


    Jacob is 5 1/2 and Skylanders crazy. We have wii and xbox and don’t mind which.

  9. I left the last comment using my blog email but am registered with Tots100 with my personal email so I’m leaving another comment using that email in case you needed it. Hope that makes sense! :)

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  11. Hi! All entered! @lemonfancy my son Evan-Eric is 10 and would love it on Xbox if he was picked :)

    Brilliant idea, I got 4 hours complete peace and quiet whilst he was inventing!!

  12. Hi I have entered via Twitter my Twitter ID is MFM_Leeds here is a link to my sons entry

    His name is Jake Marsden Hirst and he is 10 and a huge Skylanders fan. He plays on the Wii and Xbox so probably Wii
    He is on my blog as Jake with his own Skylander report for my site.

    Great Competition he had loads of fun telling us all his Skylanders special ability’s and stats


  13. My son and daughter have both submitted an entry, they are both 7 (twins) and we have a wii.

    Their names are George & India and my twitter id is @angeledenblog

    They have currently turned into their designs and are leaping about the house :)


  14. I didn’t leave the comment :( I checked lots of times how to do the entry, how did I miss this bit? We tweeted our pic on Friday as liveotherwise, my son is S and he’s 9. We’re wii.

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