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Apologies in advance, this is a fairly self indulgent post, but it’s been that sort of a day.

It’s important to say that at the moment, J is doing so brilliantly. He’s not only coping with his lessons but enjoying and looking forward to them.

But today has been one of those days where I feel like my whole life is autism and not much else. It’s been a day of arranging appointments, waiting for people to phone who didn’t actually bother, chasing said people to clarify arrangements…..

It’s also that now J is being given a significant amount of work from school to do at home, enough to keep him busy for a whole week (excluding the 3 hours a week that he has his lessons). It’s become apparent to me from doing this, just how much help and attention J now needs to be able to complete his work.

I’ve gone on at length recently about the creative side of things, but even logical maths can be difficult. For example, if you asked him what 20 minus 16 is, he would tell you straight away that the answer was 4. But if you asked (and this is a question he had to do today), “What is the change from ten and two fives after spending 16p?” there is too much information for him to process, and he doesn’t know where to start.

He needs almost everything explaining to him in a different way, often more than one different way, and we need to take everything very slowly so that he doesn’t get himself too worked up and not be able to carry on.

I was never cut out to be a teacher, but am having to spend most of my time being one at the moment. On a practical level that means there just isn’t time to get very much else done (you know, the boring stuff, washing, ironing, cleaning, blah blah blah). I also feel (as I very often do) that this means I spend less time focusing on my other 3 children than I should.

Anyway, even though it’s been a greyish sort of day, fingers crossed that the sun will be shining tomorrow.


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  1. Oh I really do feel for you! Sometimes you just want to scream, I know we chose to be parents, and I know that autism means a little extra of that parenting, but sometimes just for some one to say ‘are you ok, do you need help’!? So I hope you’re ok and that it becomes easier x