How to make the Perfect Blanket Fort


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Last week it was rubbish weather, the kids were getting a bit scratchy so I decided it was time to break out a blanket fort to relieve the boredom.

Our blanket forts have improved one hundred fold since we brought the bookcase in next to the sofa, it provides some much needed height and means I can spend time in there without knackering my back!

I really want to put a couple of hooks in the ceiling to make an uber fort but part of me thinks that’s a step too far. Instead I use the kiddo’s hula hoops stuffed into the sofa to create more space and to introduce an interesting shape to the fort.

I like to use a big white sheet so it’s nice and light in the fort, but I think next time we might mix it up and add another blanket or sheet for added ‘internal space’.


We stepped out of the fort for a quick cushion pile up (where we take turns covering someone in cushions and then pretend we’ve lost them) and then it was back in for more fort based fun.

Do you have any blanket fort tips?

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