Photo Friday: High 5



It’s Photo Friday time! This week we’ve mixed it up a bit and picked just five lovely photographs. Why? Because they’re really good shots that capture a moment, a feeling or a superb cause and they deserve to stand and be noticed.

So many of our photographs should be noticed. Taking photographs allows us to capture moments we want to remember, to create something out of nothing. Through photographs we turn our children in super heroes, we create the possible out of the impossible and we allow ourselves to reminisce.

Why do you take photographs?

Here’s to our top 5 Tumblr Shots this week.

High Five!


The 7 Day countdown until next photo Friday is upon us.

We’d love to see your photography featured on our Photo Friday. To be included in our Tumblr, all you need to do is leave your Instagram user ID in the comments on this post (you can follow us @tots100index)

Don’t have Instagram? No problem – you can share pictures with us on Twitter, by using the #TotsTumblr hashtag on your Tweet.

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