Tots100 At Home With: Chelle Shares


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Welcome to a brand new feature on Tots100 – At Home With! 

We know lots of Tots100 bloggers are busy on home makeovers and DIY projects, whether it’s making a new nursery or bedroom for your child, or trying to sort storage in the living room and the right colour for the kitchen.

By sharing the best makeovers in our community, hopefully we’ll have lots of inspiration for you to use in your own projects.

To kick us off, I’m opening my own photo album and sharing our own budget makeover for a nursery. When you are pregnant, there are some essential items you need to create a baby’s sanctuary.

But for us, it was a bit different. We had two lodgers in our 3 bedroom flat and had to serve notice on them, but being flexible we gave them until a few weeks before my due date.

It was a big overhaul to make a lodgers bedroom to a beautiful nursery.

Gav and I aren’t into DIY. I am know as the bodge queen of painting. Seriously when we redid our living room my sister only let me paint the middles of the walls, so that should probably tell you how bad I really am at redecorating. But we managed to achieve a lovely nursery makeover on just £100. Want to know how we did it?


The before picture. Carpet had already been stripped. The whole room was purple and gothic.

We had saved for baby but we still needed to save pennies for my maternity leave. On a decorating budget of £100 we managed to get the room looking like this.

A pull out sofa for when you are pulling an all nighter.

We found some absolute bargains. This futon cost me £50 and I thought would be great for when I needed to feed in the night. A simple pull out for co-sleeping.

The bargain cot

Via message boards at work, gumtree and freecycle we got some great bargains and still managed to have a beautiful room even if not new. Our cot was £30 from a grandmother at work and the mattress bought brand new by my sister in law. Practical presents like this have really kept the budget down.

Finally instead of buying artwork (althought we were giving some) my artistic sister made these.

Winnie the Pooh artwork by Auntie

This artwork really made the room. It is still up and my daughter is nearly 3 years old. My sister drew and painted these from a Winnie the Pooh book found in a charity shop for £1. Canvas cost was £1 from a poundshop and we already had the paints.

It is amazing what you can do on a small budget and by recycling/upcycling.

I bought my property from our local council six years ago and one by one we have renovated each room at as minimal cost as we can. Knowing how tight purse strings are I am hoping you will open your doors with how you have glammed up a room, area or wall and inspire each other.

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