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It’s time for Blogger of the Month again here at Tots100 and this month we have decided upon the very lovely Rosie of Rosie Scribble.  Rosie has just got a fab new job joining the Google team as the Google+ Community Manager for the parenting sector. She’s working with brands and bloggers on all things Google+ to help build a parenting community on the platform. This all sounds great and it’s an even bigger bonus for us as we get to keep her in the blogging community and obviously it means she is an expert on Google+ so we’re able to suck all knowledge out of her 😉

Rosie from Rosie Scribble

You can also find Rosie on Twitter, Facebook & Google +

Rosie started Rosie Scribble in February 2009 so she has been around a good while now; most of you will have heard of her and recognise her friendly face. On asked what was her inspiration to start blogging?  Rosie said “A friend, Jo Beaufoix, started a blog and it looked like fun. Fed up of me leaving silly, sarcastic comments on her blog, Jo suggested I started my own. That was about five years ago now. No mummy blogging community existed then and there was no contact with brands and PRs. Blogging has changed a lot over the years. It’s great to have been there at the very start. It’s certainly developed beyond anything I could have imagined.”

Many of you will understand how blogging can completely change your life and open up an enormous amount of opportunity – I for one love to hear of all the good things that come out of blogging so I asked Rosie what are the best & worst things that have happened because of her blog?

The BestI’ve got this role because I’m a blogger, so I would have to say Google. But on a par with that, cheesy as it may sound, is the lovely people I’ve met through blogging. Many of my blogging friends have become my real life friends too.

I’ve also loved the travelling I’ve been able to do as a result of writing a blog. It’s broadened my horizons and made me appreciate what I have, rather than worrying about what I don’t.

The Worst – Losing the majority of my total household income overnight when advertising and sponsored post opportunities virtually dried up. Horrifically stressful and proof that you should never put all your eggs in one basket

I also asked Rosie what her favourite and most popular blog posts are?

Favourite Miracle walker, because it documents an emotional journey I went on with my daughter as she struggled to learn to walk and she triumphed in the end, which was wonderful. In fact you don’t even need to read the post; the photos say it all. I’m proud of what she’s achieved and that post reminds me how far we have both come.

Most Popular Asian elephants in Jerusalem Zoo,  It received 800 hits in less than an hour. People obviously like elephants. Perhaps I should post more cute animal pictures on my blog.

 As parents I think we all struggle to find the time to get everything done and I know that Rosie works full-time and is a single Mum so I asked her how on earth she finds the time to blog & be a Mum too? I’ve resorted to writing posts on trains, but admittedly I’m having to blog less as there just aren’t enough hours in the day. My list of outstanding review posts is building up, which I’m sure at some point will make me highly unpopular with the brands (still) waiting for them to be written. I’m getting there though.

As for being a Mum, I’m not at home as much, but in fact my relationship with my daughter is even better. I’m happier and it shows, so I think I’m slightly more fun to be around than before, and she’s proud of me. The housework has been neglected for several weeks and we frequently run out of food essentials like bread and milk, because I’ve forgotten to schedule some time to shop, but other than that it’s going well.

Finally I asked Rosie if she had any tips for that she may have for someone who may be thinking about starting to write a blog…

  • Think carefully about anonymity and the fact that whatever you put on the Internet stays on the Internet.
  • Be aware that people don’t always play nice online so be prepared for comments you might not like. It’s the risk you take when you put aspects of your life ‘out there’. But know that in time even the most sensitive of us will develop a thicker skin.
  • Think carefully about your blog name because people will start calling you by that name and you could end up having to announce it at events and blog conferences, or even at job interviews. Yes, really.
  • Only start a blog if you know you can commit to it and stick at it. Blogs take time to build and you have to work at it. It is both time consuming and addictive, so don’t get disheartened if your visitor figures don’t hit double figures in the first month.
  • Only start a blog is you genuinely want to. Don’t start a blog is you feel you should or if you think it’s an easy way of receiving free products. It isn’t.

These are really fantastic tips – I cannot agree with Rosie more about blogs being time consuming and addictive, I could spend the majority of my “free” time writing blog posts or using social media to promote it.

Some posts of Rosie’s that I really love are Dear Rosie Scribble, Lessons in domesticity, I also love reading about her Pampers Unicef trip to Cameroon and I am eagerly waiting for her to write about her trip to Disneyland Paris which she was lucky to go on recently.

Thank you so much Rosie for taking the time to answer my questions and allowing us to feature you as Blogger of the Month! We wish you all the very best in your new role at Google + and keep on Blogging!

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