How to reduce the cost of Christmas


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Christmas can be a time when we all feel the pressure to spend too much on people, but I want to give you some great practical ideas of how to reduce your spending:

  • Do not buy for as many people.  We agreed with our family that we no longer buy for adults and that we do not expect a present wither.  This is great as it means we no longer buy 4 presents for my Brother, SIL, BIL or his wife.  Instead we just buy our nieces a present.
  • Have a secret santa system for your family.  Why not get together and pop names into a hat and then you only have to buy for the person you pick out of the hat.
  • Agree homemade christmas presents only this year.
  • We used to buy a cracker present each year.  My mum and I made homemade crackers for the Christmas dinner and instead of a big present we used to find something small and meaningful for everyones cracker.
  • Set realistic expectations.  Make a budget and stick to it.  MadDad and I do not buy each other big presents,  instead we get things we need such as slippers and then get other things in the sale.
  • Buy second hand and preloved for children.  We have always taken the boys presents out of any packaging, first to check it is OK, but also so they can never tell if things are new or pre loved.
  • Try boot sales.  Cass from a Frugal Family picked up some amazing bargains a couple of weeks ago for Master Frugal of things on his list that were brand new and less than half the price.
  • If you are buying, make sure you get the best price.  Always check out voucher code sites such as Savoo.
We have rules when it comes to Christmas lists.  Maxi is great, but Mini goes to bed with the Argos Catalogue and a highlighter for weeks before his list, but here are our rules.
I would love to hear how you take the sting out of Christmas?


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