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Photo Friday: November

November 16th, 2012



November is drawing to a close. We’re halfway through now and everyone is splashing Christmas cheer in our faces at every opportunity. I don’t think theres anything wrong with Christmas, or even Christmas cheer, but I think we should all enjoy November a little more before it ends. After November everything goes slushy, rainy and brown, so this week on the Tumblr we’ve all been enjoying what November has left to offer.

From fallen leaves and woolly hats to that fancy thing those coffee shop men do in your coffee… Take a look at these pictures, there are small lions, stacks of delicious bread and the best, brightest smiles you’ve ever seen. Lets enjoy all autumn has left to offer us. Don’t forget to join in with the Tumblr, plus this week you can get that lovely badge for your very own blog. Just visit our blog badges page.



The 7 Day countdown until next photo Friday is upon us.

We’d love to see your photography featured on our Photo Friday. To be included in our Tumblr, all you need to do is leave your Instagram user ID in the comments on this post (you can follow us @tots100index)

Don’t have Instagram? No problem – you can share pictures with us on Twitter, by using the #TotsTumblr hashtag on your Tweet.

Photographs from: Purple Mum, Mummy Shoes, Booths Country, The World of Kitsch, Chelsea Mamma, Mummy Daddy Me, Squidgy Boo, The Stylester, Little Green Pea, Two Become Four, Two Become Four, BakersGirl.



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Becky started blogging in 2009, as a way to stay in touch with family and friends scattered all over the world. A busy Mum of one, Becky is a lover of life, optimism and all things yellow. She blogs at Ar-Blog, a photography focused family blog.