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Ah man. I locked myself out of my own house today. I’ve been out running to train for the half in February and taking the key off to stick in my pocket while Gwyn inevitably falls asleep with George. I don’t want to end up getting locked out. Unfortunately I put the key back on the wrong set yesterday.

Oh, I came home after another skin of my teeth drop off and couldn’t get in. I’d been so chuffed up until that point with actually juicing for breakfast rather than later in the day. I tell you now, it is really quite demeaning to have to knock down the neighbours door to get to a loo, then running up the stairs with the words ‘I just really need a wee!’ it’s just a little embarassing. It didn’t especially set the day off on the right foot. They don’t mention that in all the healthy blogs that cleansing oneself with all the juicy goodness can take you urgently into a place of complete discomfort do they? I am telling you now, juicing can change your life, quite seriously, but you have to be smart about when you load up, (and leave out the celery).

That little problem sorted I then got the bin juice all over my shoes because they hadn’t been put out (“GWYN!!”), got to the car and little G did exactly what I had been fearing moments before. I put the ‘let’s try potty training’ idea to bed right at that moment.

Blah blah blah, it ended up being one of those sorts of days, lots of clunky disorganisation and being pretty annoyed with how everything was going and generally being annoyed with myself. It was not a bad day, just a bit bloody irritating.

Onto something less irritating, a bit more marvellous and sort of related to houses because I made a house out of it at the weekend.Makedo.

It’s a pack of connectors that you can make all sorts of cool stuff with. See here.


It’s totally re-usable, allows you to be creative, encourages free play and retails at the tenner price mark. What is not to like?


Get some. Buy some for Christmas presents. Get your toy shop to stock it.

This, by the way, is not a sponsored post, merely a wildly enthusiastic endorsement.

Also, I got mentioned here, which pleased me and picked up my day no end. Thankyou!


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