Armistice Day vs Bieber… Lets Educate Our Children!


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This weekend my ex had the girls, it doesn’t happen often but when it does it gives me a well earned break, and a chance to catch up with all the things I need to do that doesn’t entail little people getting under my feet.

I gave myself a lie in yesterday morning till 10.30am, which is a luxury that I really do enjoy being as I love my sleep. However ,I made a conscious effort to get up and breakfasted before 11am so I could take part in the two minute silence.

This may seem a little daft as I was sat alone in silence anyway. But it was the thought that counted and I felt like I needed to take time out to respect all the brave men and women that have been killed, or put themselves in danger in the past fighting for our freedom.

I’m well aware that had it not been for the heroes of the first and Second World War our lives would be very different right now! I think two minutes out of my day once a year to dwell on and appreciate this is not a lot to ask, and I’m really proud that as a nation we all come together to remember!

Unfortunately it was picked up on by a few people that a certain Mr Bieber was trending on twitter at the moment that the two minute silence was held! There seems to be a lot of attention towards his break up with his girlfriend at the moment and this was topping the twitter charts instead the more important remembrance topics.

I think what we have to remember is that the likes of Twitter and Facebook are used mainly by kids with a lot of free time on their hands. That something like Justin Bieber’s split in their eyes, is sadly the most important thing in the world. Quite honestly I couldn’t give a hoot what is happening in the boys life, but as a young girl I imagine that it could be the be all and end all. Especially now they naïvely think that they could be in with a chance of being the next Mr’s B.

So instead of getting upset by this unfortunate issue, we should remember what it is to be young. Instead of being angry we should educate our children (no matter how young) about why they are here living the lives’ that they live. We need to explain that had it not been for all the service people back then (and the ones those are still fighting our corner now) that there probably wouldn’t even be a Justin Bieber today.

Information is ammunition. Let’s use it to make sure that those brave people are never forgotten, even with the passing of time. Those two minutes out of our children’s lives once a year is not going to kill them, and instead will hopefully teach them to be more respectful of others around them. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we shall remember them!


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