Tots100 2012 Parent Blogger Benchmark Study


Earlier this year, the Tots100 invited our community of more than 4,000 active UK parent bloggers to tell us about their lives, and their blogs.

We wanted to know

  • What sort of people take up parent blogging?
  • What drives UK parent bloggers?
  • How important are brands to Mum and Dad bloggers?
  • What sorts of campaigns REALLY get parent blogs talking?

The results are in, and we’re proud to announce the publication of the Tots100 2012 Parent Blogger Benchmark Study.

This report is based on responses from 850 active parent blogs, making this the biggest survey ever carried out of the UK parent blogging community.

UK parent blogs survey results

Key findings of our research:

  • Mums are far more likely to identify themselves as parent bloggers than men – 97% of respondents in our survey are female. For the most part, these women started blogging for two reasons – to capture precious family memories, and to have a space on the Internet where they can express themselves freely, and explore their creativity.
  • Once parent bloggers are up and running, though, other factors come into play. New parent bloggers quickly realise there is a community of like-minded parents to be found online, and chatting with online friends is a popular pastime for many bloggers. In many cases, virtual friends become real-life friendships – around half of our members have met other bloggers in their local area after meeting them online.
  • At the Tots100, we think successful brand campaigns are those that take these drivers into account. Rather than presenting parent blogs with a press release or a new product, give them the chance to be creative, to try out new things with their family, to meet fellow bloggers virtually or in real-life.
  • It’s rare to find a blogger who started a blog with the express intention of making money or working with brands, but many bloggers find this a fun element of the blogging experience. Overall, 82% of Tots100 parent bloggers say they want to work with brands, and 75% have received free products from a brand in the past year.
  • Relatively few blogs are making money through their blogs in 2012, (for more on parent blogs and money, see our previous research into How Parent Bloggers Make Money), although this may change with the launch of Tots100 Ads, an advertising network aimed specifically at parent blogs.
  • Bloggers are choosy about the opportunities they take up – event invitations, review opportunities and ambassador roles all score highly, while press releases, notifications about new products and campaigns, and other non-personalised pitches are met with less enthusiasm. This is unsurprising given the reasons WHY parents blog.
  • There are also still some issues in the brand/blogger relationship. A third of our members said they have been asked NOT to disclose a payment from a brand in the past year, while there is a continuing trend for brands to work with only a small segment of the blogging community, despite there being hundreds of other blogs with comparable traffic and engagement. While half of bloggers say they are lucky to receive one email a week from PR agencies, around one in 10 blogs is receiving 25 or more.

You can see more results from the Tots100 2012 Parent Blogger Benchmark Study below, or over on Slideshare. Please do get in touch if you’d like to know more about how Tots100 can help you to connect with parent bloggers, and visit our Tots100 for Brands page to find out more about our outreach, consulting and other services. You can also use the link in our sidebar to join our newsletter for regular updates on Tots100 campaigns and research.


Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, BlogSummit and the MAD Blog Awards. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 8 year old daughter, Flea.

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  1. Excellent! Great study confirming how influential parenting blogs are becoming. A must read for advertisers and planners (I used to be one, the latter!) Will share with everyone I still know there. Best, Irina

  2. Makes very interesting reading! I have decided not to do any reviews/sponsored posts etc, because it would totally change my blog, but I can completely see why people do. I won’t be making my fortune out of blogging any time soon but I love it none the less 😉 x

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