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Sparkly New Fresh Five!
photo credit: Victoria Wallop

Welcome to the all new, sparkly, just out of the packet Fresh Five!  It’s the fortnightly baby of the justifiably popular Ten at Ten, and will only feature blogs outside of the top 200.  They might be new blogs, or older blogs you may not have come across, but we’re aiming to celebrate as many of the fantastically talented Tots 100 bloggers as we can!

First up is a blog that’s been around for a little while, quietly spoiling it’s readers with those rambly, pleasing kind of posts about parenthood that have you nodding in agreement like a dog on the back ledge of a Ford Cortina.  Lulastic and the Hippyshake also features easy crafts, vintage and upcyling goodness and a sprinkling of activism that makes me want to get off the sofa and DO something.  Pretty much everything I need to enliven a Monday morning.

Rusty Rambles is new to me, recently recommended by a friend, but I’ve already fallen in love with the gorgeous photographs of the Isle of Wight and the quietly reflective posts.  What’s not to like about a post which includes the sentence:  “[the]accompanying mandolin filled the place with visions of almond blossom and passing trains”?  Reading this blog is a little like taking a big deep breath in, then exhaling slowly and purposefully.

My blog reading is chosen partly for it’s nodding in agreement value and partly for lifestyle envy.  The next blog is one of the latter.  I’d love to be able to crochet like No More Disco, so I read her blog in secret admiration and with a smidgeon of jealousy.  She makes lovely hats which her long suffering other half models, and gorgeous granny blankets, which would look perfect on my sofa.  *cough*

I love Ellie Levenson’s blog, Goodynuff Mum.  As a journalist and author, Ellie’s blog is both thought provoking and beautifully written to boot.  It’s about parenthood, but with an added spoonful of politics and current affairs.  She writes about sibling rivalry through the medium of the Miliband brothers and talks about turning down high profile radio appearances rather than missing out on precious sleep.  I always come away from her blog feeling better informed, and with an opinion to share.

The Secret Diary of a Secret Diary is written by another author, Cari Rosen.  She writes about her gorgeous small girl, celebrating those conversations, moments and milestones which make parenting such a joy.  She was also an Olympic volunteer, if you were as glued to the Olympics as I was, this makes her blog required reading.

We hope you’ve found something new and thought provoking to read; we will be featuring five more blogs in a fortnight.

Victoria is a confirmed Londoner, with a love of travelling to far-flung places. When not writing and hanging out on twitter, she is a silversmith. She is also useful in a pub quiz and adept at pulling leeches off small people.

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