How to do a Donut Bun


Anna Marie Wayne

Got a baby who loves pulling on your long hair?

Need a way to make your hair look presentable in two minutes in time for the school run?

Then you have to watch the latest video from our resident video blogger, Anna Marie Wayne. This week, Anna Marie has put together a really simple tutorial on how to use a donut ring (yes, really) to put your hair up in a simple, stylish bun – in less than three minutes!

What are your top hairstyle tips?


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  1. hurrah! I have never been able to figure out how to use them!!! My hair is not as long as yours though, will still attempt but fear a may need a tutorial on how to get it out again!!!

  2. Thank you soo much for this! I purchased a doughnut ring from boots, it came with idiot proof instructions so i thought I would be safe- how wrong I was. It suggests you leave the ring at the base of your ponytail and then arrange hair around the ring with hair pins, but then what of the hair left? I tried pinning it around the base of the bun but it just ruined it. I had thought my hair was too long (over shoulder length) but having tried your way i would even say a little bit of extra length and not so many layers would make this even simpler but even so this worked like a charm.Got it perfect on my second try with no bobby pins. Hurrah! :)
    Sam, WIndsor

  3. All the tutorials I have seen for this hairstyle so far have included ridiculous amounts of bobby pinning. So, I want to thank you for showing me a quick and easy way of looking human AND presentable in under two minutes of a morning!


  4. Brilliant – every other tutorial is the method for shoulder length hair, but I have very long hair and those methods just left me with a bun that had hair hanging out at the base. Finally a method suitable for longer hair. I’ve done this and put a pretty large flower hair bobble in to tighten the bun, but without the hair bobble I can have a really large loose bun – thanks for this tutorial :-)