The State of Youth Today


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I was pushing Miss J in her buggy on our way to collect JD from school recently when we found ourselves behind two boys walking home from secondary school in the failing light.

“I think I get five a week,” sniffed Boy 1.

“Yeah, I think I get five or six a week too,” said Boy 2.

“Oh dear.” I thought to myself, “What are they talking about? Girls? Cigarettes? Drugs?”

“Well there are seven weeks in this half term,” said Boy 1, “so I reckon I can get at least thirty by Christmas.”

“Hmm, well I applaud their maths, but what are they aiming for? Are they prepubescent mafioso?” I wondered.

“True, but I think teachers may become less generous with merits as the year progresses.” said Boy 1.

I smiled. They were being academically competitive. Politely and with mathematical accuracy. Shocking.

We rounded the corner, only to be confronted by a stream of 30-40 eleven/twelve years olds in football kits. Bearing down on us rapidly, they were now just 100 yards away. As they approached, a lead boy sang loudly.

“And theeeeen we tell ‘em!”

The other boys chorused, “And theeeeen we tell ‘em”

“Whoooo we a-are!”

“Whoooo we a-are!”

“Oh dear,” I thought again. “What a pain. The pavement is narrow, the boys are many, and there only appears to be one man in charge of the lot of them. We’re going to get jostled into the road.”

The man in the high vis vest nodded silently to the boys, who, in unison, stepped aside, making a clear path for us on the pavement. As we passed and I nodded our thanks, the mini-drill sergeant looked at Miss J, looked up at me, smiled and said, “I love babies!”

I smiled back and we passed in silence until the singing resumed.

“And theeeeen we tell ‘em!”

“And theeeeen we tell ‘em”

“Whoooo we a-are!”

“Whoooo we a-are!”

Kids today. They’re so…nice.

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