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Some people love them – some loathe them. But however you look at it, the humble Linky is here to stay.


A Linky is a bit like a blogging prompt set by one blogger – and all the bloggers who choose to write about their prompt link share their posts in a list at the bottom of the originating blog’s post. These lists are called ‘Linkys’.

Like most things in life (with the exception of chocolate ice cream) the Linky has pros and cons.

Linky lovers point out that taking part in these posts makes you feel a part of the Mummy (and Daddy) blogging community. They’re ideal for when blogging inspiration is short, or if you have JUST the perfect picture you want to share.

But readers can find Linkys boring – imagine if 50 parent blogs all write basically the same thing on the same day. And a Linky post tends to benefit the host more than anyone else (taking part in a Linky usually means you are giving a link to the host, but you won’t receive one in return).

But there is a way to use Linky posts without being part of the parent blogging herd. Why not take part in one of the Lesser Known Linkies highlighted below?

Supporting these newer Linky posts means you’re helping out an up-and-coming blogger, and there’s less chance of your post being lost in a list of 50 or 100 other blogs, writing about the same thing.

And truth is, there’s a Linky for almost every sort of post. Don’t believe us? Read on…

Funny Kids

As parent bloggers, we often write about the funny things our kids say and do. So why not share those posts on Childcare is Fun’s new Silly Saturday Linky, or Actually Mummy’s Wot So Funnee Linky, which opens every Tuesday?

If you have young children, you might also submit a post to Toddler See Toddler Do, which opens every Friday on the Life and Times of the Working Mum.

Shameful Stories

We’ve all been there. Done something that constitutes an EPIC fail on the parenting barometer. Fear not, support is yours if you enter the Fail Friday Linky over at Parenting on the Frontline.

There’s also support for your parenting dilemmas at Parentonomy, a monthly meme that aims to pull together loads of parenting tips and experiences for us all to learn from.

Food & Cooking

Food is a huge part of family life, so it’s hardly surprising there are a number of Linkys about food and cooking. Taking part in these Linkys is a great way to find new readers and new blogs, since they may be used by other bloggers who aren’t parenting bloggers.

Meal Planning Monday takes place every Monday (surprise!) over at At Home with Mrs M. Meal planning is a great way to reduce food waste and spend less money on food. For vegetarians, there’s the occasional Viva Veg, where you can share meat-free recipes.

If you cook with your children, why not try the monthly Cooking with Toddlers over at Cooking with Your Toddler?

For more ambitious cooks, there’s a monthly Forever Nigella set up by Sarah from Maison Cupcake which challenges bloggers to try out a Nigella recipe and blog the results.

Special Memories

Got a post about a special memory? Why not submit it to Little Legacy, a monthly Linky that celebrates the lessons we learn from people we’ve lost. This one happens on the penultimate Thursday of every month.

Green & Thrifty Living

We love Step Down Sunday, a Linky that encourages us all to share the small steps we can make to live more ethical and environmentally responsible lives. Magpie Monday is another great Linky, which celebrates all the fab things to be found in charity shops.

Thrifty Thursday is perfect for finding inexpensive inspiration, too.

General Writing

Not all Linky posts have a strict theme – sometimes they’re more about the writing than the topic. For example, the monthly Bloggers’ Alphabet Linky has a different theme each month and encourages bloggers to get writing.

The 100 Word Challenge is perfect if you like creative writing but you’re short on time – each week, you’ll be challenged to write something creative in 100 words or less. Alternatively, if you fancy trying your hand at video, then Chez Mummy runs a monthly Show Real video challenge.


There are a number of Linkys around that encourage bloggers to share photos, and we like the idea of Fridge Friday – inviting you to share what you’ve stuck on the fridge each week. If you like telling stories behind the pictures then why not take a look at Flashback Friday, which does just that.

If you’re a nature lover, then we recommend Closer to Nature, a weekly linky that encourages bloggers to share their photos of the natural world.

Play Ideas

Some of the most popular Linky lists are around play and crafting for children. Some of the lesser known Linky lists that might be worth looking at include Little Builders, a great place to share your children’s construction projects, while Friday Finds shares new play ideas. Country Kids shares ideas and inspiration on getting kids outdoors and connected to nature.

The Kid’s Co-op is (we think) a US Linky but could be a great way to discover and meet new blogs. Find out more on their Facebook page. Every Thursday, the team at Science Sparks also share educational play ideas via the Fun Sparks Linky.

Lastly, if your kids love to read, we suggest checking out Book Sharing Monday, where bloggers share book reviews and recommendations for little ones.


Are you and your family fashion-forward? Then you’ll love What I Wore Wednesday from Transatlantic Blonde, and Trendy Toddler Tuesday, which comes courtesy of Maria at Very Busy Mama. Or why not try out Moodboard Monday over on Love Chic Living?


Along with cooking, crafts is another area that’s filled with Linky lists and link-ups. One of the best is the monthly Needlework Days, from Feisty Tapas


So there you have it – almost 30 brilliant Linky posts for you to link up with! Did we miss your favourite lesser known Linky? Feel free to add details in the comments. 


Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, BlogSummit and the MAD Blog Awards. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 8 year old daughter, Flea.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning Flashback Friday :) and I have discovered some new linkies here so thanks for that too x

  2. What a fab post! I have used one or two or these – flashback Friday and Wot so Funnee – Plus The Gallery on
    stickyfingers (tara cain) defo gave my posts a bit of extra traffic and introduced me to some fab blogs! So helpful :)))) thanks x

  3. Excellent shout out for Fail Friday on Parenting on the Front Line. It is the most popular of our two (lesser-known) linkys, quelle surprise. Thank you for including us! Some great ones there for me to try out too.

  4. Hi,

    This is a useful post. Some of these Linky’s I was aware of and knew who ran them. But other’s I’d seen on various Blogs but didn’t know where they’d originated!

    Thank you,


  5. Allo allo,

    I’d love to add my Treasure Box Tuesday linky/bloghop to the list. You can blog anything you consider a treasure whether this is a current possession, something you desire, a memory evoked from a special photograph, childs toy, charity shop find – the options are bounded only by your imagination! More details here

    It doesn’t have to be a new post so you can dig through your old archives!

    I look forward to reading about your treasure!

    Sarah x

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  7. I run two linkys from my site. The first is called ‘Prose For Thought’ every Thursday and is a link for original poetry and prose. Details here: The other is Post Comment Love and is a link to heighten the awareness and get some comments on literally ANY post you have written that week, it could be general, a photo, competition, your own link, a link to a link! I also run a newbie showcase at the same time for new bloggers (rota for this now running into August!). Details of the weekend just gone here: