BlogCamp – who’s coming?


The next Blogcamp is coming up – it’s on April 21st in Birmingham (and the very first all day event. Woot!).

There’s already been lots of people asking a worried “who’s coming to BlogCamp?” recently, with everyone wondering whether they’ll have someone to sit next to.

Well, firstly – you’ll all be sitting next to someone. Promise.

But so you can start to sort out lift shares, meet-ups and “how-will-you-know-me” yellow daisies in your hair, here’s a list of everyone who’s coming:


First Name Twitter Website
Aimee @dream1ncolour
Ali @incredibusymum
Alice @AnEssexWife
Alisha Emilie @alisharouse
Amanda @gidders1
Amy amylane
Andrea Made_With_Pink
Angela @angoewright78
Angela @Ang_Thisislife
Angela @daisyangel1
Anna aggy84
Anna greentapestry
Anne @annesmart
Anne @bumptobundle
Annie anniesnutrition
Annie @MammasaurusBlog
Anthea @bluebearwood
becky @babybudgeting
Bethany bertyc
Cara carafreckles
Carie Cariemaymakes
Carol Caroljs
Caroline @cjturner72
Carolyn littledudesinc
Cass frugalfamily
Cat catparrott
Catherine perfectpolished
Cerys rainydaymum
Charlie Charlie628
Charlotte @gofreecakes
Chloe @peagreengwin
Chris @ChrisJRae
Christine christinemosler
christine v82chris
Claire bumpwearclaire
Clare @veggiexperience http://Www.theveggieexperience.blogspot.COM
Clare seasiderclare
Daisy @daisybridge
David artiss_tech
Deb Carrotsandkids
Elizabeth @rosalilium_
Elizabeth @Eliza_Do_Lots
Elizabeth LizzumsBB
Ella @purpleella
Emma Emmaand3
Emma emmathegardener
Emma methemanandbaby
Erica @ericahughes
Erica @ericawhiteman
Erin silentbeauty
Francisca @MultipleMumma
Gayle @bumblings
Gemma @helloitsgemma
Hannah @hanstacey
Heather notefromlapland
Heather HeatherYoungUk
Helen @actuallymummy
Helen Petitmew
Jacqui Jax2000
Jayne @jaynerly
Jen mum_themadhouse
Jennifer @jbmumofone
Jennifer #jennybaird85
Joanna joannahalton
Joanne Jojo_nash
Josie @porridgebrain
Julie sardinetin
karen allaboutheboys
Karen TalesofaTwinMum
Karen S Booth @KarenBurnsBooth
Kat @thatkat
Kate @AnotherGoldfish
Kate kateab
Katie Vyktoriah @snuggle_bubby
Kevin k_harrington
Laura @lauralovesbakes
Laura @craftstorming
Liloo tsunimee
Lindsay @curlylinz
Lindy Lindy_
Liz @TheLizWeston
Liz @BettyLeopard
Louise @mygorgeousboys
Louise @Bobbity666
Louise girlbehind
Lucy @_lab_
Maggy @redtedart
Mark gomezadams
Megan meginuk
Melitsa @playactivities
Merry @MerrilyMe
Michael swedishmike
Michelle @malvernmeet
Michelle mummyratesit
Mike n/a
Monika @mumonthebrink
Natasha NatashaDeVil
Nelly nellyscupcakes
Ness @baggiesbabe69
Nikki @stressymummy
Nova cherishedbyme
Peggy @boat_wife
Penny @random_cat_toe
Penny @AResidence
Penny @beingmrsc
Pete petecooper
Rachael @karamina
Rebecca @1978rebecca
Rebecca @twobecomefour
Robert nxrk
Rosie RosieScribble
Ruby @RubellesMoon
Ruth @minibreakmummy
Ruth R2UK
Sally swhittle
Sandy sandycalico
sara @arriashbourne
Sarah maisoncupcake
Sarah @sarahknows1
Sian Geekisnewchic
Simone SFRProdReviews
Sinead @thesingingmummy
Sonia Mummy_loves
Stefani @stefstamatiou
Stephanie @imcountingufoz
Trevelyan @trevelyanwright
Vic glowstars
Wendy @wendymcd83
Zoe @swcraftclub


Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, BlogSummit and the MAD Blog Awards. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 8 year old daughter, Flea.

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  1. Hi,
    I got an email back at the beginning of March saying I had a place from the waiting list. I replied the same day but despite bringing it up on twitter and sending an email I didn’t receive the badge code – I ended up finding it on a other blog instead so I didn’t forfeit my place. Now I notice I’m not on this list. Can someone tell me what’s going on please?


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