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How can it possibly be Friday again? Not that we’re complaining of course. We like Fridays. We especially like taking a break to read the pick of the posts written by Tots100 Parent Bloggers this week.

Huge thanks to our guest editor, Tasha Goddard from WAHM BAM! Her post earlier this week about writing free guest posts sparked a brilliant debate in the comments. Now she  has chosen some fantastic posts for you. Here’s Tasha’s Ten at Ten:

I’ve enjoyed my blog-reading this week on a new level due to preparing for this post. I tend to skim through my feed reader on my phone, reading only those posts with a title that grabs me, supplementing this by clicking on interesting sounding links on Twitter and Facebook and on various round-ups around the blogosphere – the Ten at Ten is usually a good source of new posts and new blogs, in fact. But this week, I’ve been going out of way to read new blogs and to visit some of my old favourites whom I’ve neglected. If only I could find some way to read in this somewhat deeper way every week, but alas I think I’ll be back to the skimming and occasional lucky finds habits again.

To kick off, I’ve seen a few crafty cooking activities that I’d really like to try out with the girls – I’m pretty awful at crafting with my children, but I love cooking with them (especially baking). Laura’s post about constructing with dry spaghetti and hot dogs and then eating the results is fantastic and it looks like something that would be such huge fun. And then Red Ted Art has some Chocolate Easter Nests which are very easy to make (and apparently really common, but I have to confess to never having made any, either myself or with the girls). I’m hoping we can try these out for Easter.

I loved this post from Marylin about how freeing it must be to let your emotions out without restraint. She’s describing her son, who has autism, but I think it’s also something we see in toddlers and even young children and, I for one have wished at times that I could just lay on the floor and scream and cry to get rid of some of my anger and frustration.

If you’re going to any of the blogging conferences this year or, indeed, have been to any before you really should read Gemma’s spot-on guide to blogging conferences.

Mother’s Day is round the corner and, after the sudden death recently of a mother at our school, I’ve been thinking about what a hard day it must be for those who have lost their mums. Ian talks about how he and his son are planning to celebrate Mother’s Day this year and how last year it didn’t go so well.

Did you know that it’s Healthy Hip Week this week? Emma talks about Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip and hers and her daughter’s experiences with this and with spica.

There are a couple of posts about being a working mum that resonated this week. I’m lucky enough to work from home, which I think can make life (and work) a lot easier, but there are always challenges, even in this day and age, which is something Chez Mummy talks about in her post about her search for a work life balance and something which Muddling Along Mummy discusses in her post about why feminism is still really very important.

And now, as with the local news (do they still do that?), I will round off with a touching tale and something to make you laugh. Elsie Button found a wedding ring on a walk one day and, though pleased it has now been restored to its grateful owner, she is still very curious as to why it was lost in the first place. And finally, Emily Carlisle has an (as always) hilarious account of how she came close to breaking the no petting rules at the pool.



Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, BlogSummit and the MAD Blog Awards. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 8 year old daughter, Flea.

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  1. Wow thanks so much for including my post and helping to raise awareness of DDH. If this week I have alerted just one parent to the signs and symptoms of DDH and how often it is missed I will feel that I have achieved something this week.

    Thanks to everyone who has RT my posts this week. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Oooh am so pleased to have found someone who “hasn’t made Easter nest” hooray – means the post was most definitely worth doing 😉 hope you do make some, as they are fun and YUMMY!

    Thank you so much for including me in this fab round up!


    • You’re welcome – don’t think there can be anybody now who hasn’t read that post, surely – I’ve seen it recommended and shared all over the place!

  3. Thank you – made my day :) Really thoughtful eclectic mix of posts as well. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading through them.

    We did the sausage/spag thing again today (back by popular demand!) with quorn frankfurters, doubly delicous!

    • I like eclectic. Like my bookcases. :)

      We didn’t try them yet, but I’m not going to forget. I wonder if we could add other ingredients? I’m thinking maybe some cherry tomatoes.