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Top Ten British Mummy and Daddy Bloggers

It’s Friday so time for another round-up of our 10 favourite posts from UK parent blogs over the past week.

Well, we’re in the second half of November so that means it’s officially time to start panicking about Christmas. So we’ll kick off this week with a couple of posts that might help with your festive stress syndrome (that’s a real thing, by the way, we didn’t just make it up).

First up, this wonderful post about Christmas crafts from Merry at Patch of Puddles should keep you well occupied in the coming weeks. Next, we loved this post from Maggy at Red Ted Art about cookie cutter Christmas cards – SO cute, we want to make them now!

Possibly the prettiest craft post, though, is this tutorial on Christmas gift tags over at Angel Eden – just gorgeous!

If you’re looking for days out in the run-up to Christmas and live in the North, check out this post from Juggle Mum about the Santa Express – looks fabulous!

November is also the month of MOvember – when men grow slightly ridiculous taches to raise awareness of cancer. One of our favourites can be found clinging to the face of Tom from Diary of the Dad – excellent photo, Tom.

Raising children with disabilities can sometimes be hard, and frustrating – and never more so than when faced with someone’s refusal to treat your child as they would treat other children. So I loved this post over at All For Aleyna – showing that it’s sometimes children who show us the right way to respond to a situation.

I was also really moved by a post about homework for primary school children this week over at All Baby Advice – what do you think? Should children of this age be under pressure to ‘pass’ or ‘fail’?

Photo blog posts can sometimes be a bit – well – uninspiring if you don’t know the story behind the photo. But this picture over at Real Housewife of Suffolk County probably speaks to ALL of us – how do you feel about your Mummy tummy? (I’m not sure Dad tummies count)

I’ve read lots of posts about depression on blogs, and they have all been moving – but this one from When You Are That Woman is particularly worth a read, I think. Depression does seep into all aspects of someone’s life, and that can include cooking. So what do you do when an illness sucks the joy out of something you once loved?

And, as is by now traditional, we wanted to include one blog post this week that isn’t in the Tots100, but deserves a mention nonetheless – congratulations to Karin from Café Bebe on becoming a Mum to Sam. Hope you, Sam and Ella are all back home safe, soon. This post about Karin’s hospital stay was THE big story on Twitter this week.

Sally Whittle is founder of the Tots100, Foodies100, BlogSummit and the MAD Blog Awards. When she's not working, she can be found blogging at Who's the Mummy, or having fun with her 8 year old daughter, Flea.

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  1. Thank you so much for including my link about homework. Today is another testing day, let’s hope Isabelle will not be as stressed as mummy 😉 @Kahanka

  2. Thank you kindly Sally/Jen. Our little Sam is doing really well and Ella will get to meet her little brother this afternoon. Thanks for the mention! Going to have some snuggles now!


  3. Wowwww, what an honour. I am so excited to be included in the Top Ten this week. Things are really on the up here and it is lovely to know that people are reading too. Happy smiley me.